I am Tomasz. I am Polish and I lived and worked most of my life in Poland. I moved to Port Barton in the beginning of 2016 where I intend to live and work for a few next years. You can check out my Facebook blog to see what I am trying to achieve in Port Barton and what it is like to live here. You may, like me and my daughter, fall in love with the place and also decide to move here. But first you need to visit Port Barton so start planning your trip now.

I am Misia, Tomasz’s daughter. I visited the Philippines for the first time in January 2016 and I immediately fell in love with Port Barton. I knew one day I wanted to live here and thanks to my dad that day came sooner than I expected.

We decided to create a website that would not only provide tourists with practical information and description of activities but one that would also explain how to enjoy the stay without interrupting the lives of local people. We root for responsible tourism! Do not forget to check out the RESPECT page 🙂

Testimonial from the authors

We use this website to promote businesses that operate in Port Barton. For the time being, we do it in exchange for their help to promote this website or the businesses that we run and we do not get paid. We are planning to change this in the future and capitalize on the traffic we are getting.

Whenever we mention a particular business we are sure they are worth it and we can recommend them with all the responsibility for such a recommendation. In each and every case we used their service and rated it highly.

The only exceptions to the rule presented above are SMART and GLOBE, and SBE and RECARO. We have to write about them as they are the biggest telecom and transportation companies operating here but, believe us, if we could not mention them we would be more than happy. All four provide bad service and hopefully will soon get some real competition that will force them to improve their performance.

The authors of this website co-own the following businesses: Mabuti. Eat and Chill and www.bartonbooking.com.