Itaytay Beach in Port Barton is just one of many beaches that can be easily reached by walking or by boat. All the nearby beaches sport clearer waters and are quieter than the beach in Port Barton.

Itaytay (Port Barton) Beach

It has its charm but it is not the most beautiful beach in the area. It serves as a harbor for fishing boats and tourist boats that are used for island hopping. The space for swimming is limited and water is not as clear as elsewhere. There are hotels and resorts along the shore making the beach rather narrow, especially during a high tide. Port Barton beach is great for sunset watching. The sky often turns bright orange and the subtle sound of the ocean waves make it an unforgettable experience. The boats only add mystery to the view and a vast number of restaurants allow you to enjoy the moment over a meal or just a drink.

After it gets completely dark you should take a night swim in the ocean to see the water glow from the fluorescent plankton.

Along the San Vicente jungle road: Pamuayan Beach, But But Beach and Nao Nao Beach

These are three consecutive beaches located to the right from Port Barton Beach (facing the ocean). The distance by land from Port Barton is 3 km, 6km and 8 km. In all of the beaches you will meet local Pinoys who will climb the coconut palm and get you fresh coconut. You may also ask if it would be possible to join their family and have lunch with them. People will be a little surprised but they will be happy to share rice and fish with you. With some luck you can have crab or squid. You should pay for your meal.

There is a soft sea bed in Pamuayan Beach and the water is shallow.  The beach is wide and almost completely empty. It is some 2 km long. There are no hotels or restaurants but if you contact Rosemarie Evio who runs two nice cottages there she will arrange some food for you (, tel. no. +639215993953). You can also book with her at Airbnb and stay in the beach that will be all yours.

The seabed in But But is rocky and unpleasant but the beach is really nice and there are two restaurants where you could have a lunch or dinner. Both owners could also arrange for a boat trip back which is a nicer alternative to a 6-kilometer walk back to Port Barton.

Nao Nao Beach is the nicest of the three but also the furthest. The seabed is soft and it slides gently so it is easy to swim. There are no restaurants there except for a small resort that is open in high season.

  • Walk

Go along the Port Barton beach to the far right end (facing the sea) past the Green View Hotel and follow a path that leads out of the beach. After some 100 meters you will reach a concrete road. Cross the road and continue on a narrow path. On the left hand side, you will first pass a graveyard than a big entrance to a private property with a “no trespassing” sign. After about 10 minutes at the fork take a road on the left. It goes down to the Pamuayan Beach. In high season there will be stalls selling coconut water and snacks so you can also ask there for the directions.

To get to But But also go to Pamuayan Beach and in the village ask for a guide to But But. The guide will walk you on a shortcut through the rice paddies. Agree the price upfront but 100 peso should be fine. You could also continue on the main road and just turn left to But But.

To get to Nao Nao keep going on the main road for about 1,5 hours or take a lift on a motorbike in the beginning of the road.

  • Motorbike

Go along Ballestros Street (the one on which the Catholic Church is) to its end and turn left at the T-crossing. After about 2 km, at a fork take a road to the right that goes steep up (really steep). At the end of the road, at a T-crossing go to the right. You are on the main road that will lead you to the 3 beaches.

  • Boat

Arrange for a private whole day tour and you can visit the three beaches in one day along with some snorkeling and a visit to one nearby island.  You can also arrange for a drop-off and pick-up service.

Opposite direction: Austria Beach (Coconut Beach) and White Beach

There are two nice beaches to the left of Port Barton Beach (facing the ocean). In a very low tight you can reach these beaches just walking along the sea shore. Put on proper shoes though as flip-flops will not be comfortable or safe. You can reach these two beaches by the road. Just keep going on the Bonifacio street for about 30-40 minutes to get to Austria Beach and for another 15-20 minutes to get to the White Beach. It’s also a good idea to go to these beaches in a kayak.


2 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. Pamuayan Beach is the one I would prefer if you want to spend a calm relaxing day on an empty beautiful beach. But But is stunning however the rocky entrance to the water might make it a bit challenging if you like to spend lots of time in the water while on the beach. You know it’s not as comfortable as just running into the water from sandy beach.

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  2. Adding to my pervious comment – my favourite beach of all was one on the nearby tiny island called German Island, beautiful small island surrounded by amazing water with beautiful view on nearby islands.

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