The waterfall is just next to a beautiful beach so this is kind of 2 in 1 adventure. It is however some 10 km from Port Barton and unless you are well prepared for 2,5 hours’ walk it’s better to go there by motorbike or by boat.


  • Walk

Go along the beach to the far right end (facing the sea) past the Green View Hotel and follow a path that leads out of the beach. After some 50 meters you will reach a simple crossing. Take a path in the middle that goes up. On the left hand side, you will first pass a graveyard than big entrance to the private property with a “no trespassing” sign and than a road going down to the Pamuayan Beach. Continue on the main road for another 15-20 minutes and you will reach a T-crossing at which you go left. Continue for about another 1,5 hours on the main road.

  • Motorbike

Go along Ballestros Street (the one on which the Catholic Church is) to it’s end and turn left at the T-crossing. After about 2 km, at a fork take a road to the right that goes steep up (really steep). At the end of the road, at a T-crossing go to the right. You are on the main road that will lead you to Bigaho.

  • Boat

Arrange for a private whole day tour and include the visit to Bigaho beach and waterfalls in your island hopping adventure or stop there on the way to Long Beach in San Vicente.

Tips and Suggestions

  • You can get a lift to Bigaho Waterfall with a motorbike. In high season, there are usually a few guys waiting for tourists at the beginning of a walk route. Price will be around 200 Peso per person.
  • You might consider arranging for a 2-3 day camping trip. You need to take food and water with you. In Bigaho you should look for a land keeper who will sell to you fresh coconut. This way you will quench your thirst and, if you eat the coconut flesh, you will feed yourself.

2 thoughts on “Bigaho Waterfall

  1. The one I missed being there last year, definitely will try to catch up this year. Love waterfalls and enjoyed a lot Pamuayan one, here connecting it with a boat trip makes it even more of a tour.

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