Island hopping is the biggest tourist attraction in Port Barton. It is a full day boat tour of the nearby islands and snorkelling sites. The set price is minimum 700 Peso per person and it includes lunch. Most tours start at 9 in the morning.

The tour is easy to arrange, all you have to do is to book it with one of the fixers that usually hangout in near the Cost Guard Station or in the beach. You can also ask your landlord or hotel staff for recommendation. Usually the recommendation ensures better quality of the service.

You may also book online. The prices are higher but they include all hidden extras such as eco card, entrance fees and fee for renting the snorkelling equipment. Additionally there are a few extras such as brewed coffee and a glass of wine for lunch.

When booking directly or online you will be asked to provide your first and last name, and nationality. The list of all tourists going on a given boat is submitted to the Cost Guard in order to get permission to go in the sea.

The choice of boats is big. If you go on a smaller boat (6-8 people) the atmosphere will be more intimate and friendlier but smaller boats tend to be louder. A big boat (up to 20 people) will be quieter and more comfy but bigger number of people makes us humans less friendly and open (but of course it is no rule).

Agree with the fixer the following:

  • which places you are going to visit. There is a choice of for different tours. Not all of them are equally attractive.
  • what you would like to eat for lunch. Usually it is fish that is served but make sure you make it specific if you have any dietary preferences or limitations.
  • is the snorkelling gear included in the price and if not at what price it can be rented.
  • where and what time you should wait for the boat on the agreed day.

Take with you:

  • sun screen and a cap – it really makes us sad to watch people suffer from sun burn after their first true vacation day. Many of them need to avoid sun for next 2-3 days altogether. Mild sunstroke is also not rare. We really close to the equator and the sun is strong even on cloudy days.
  • drinking water – you will get a drink with your lunch but most boatmen do not offer drinking water for the duration of the whole trip. Fresh water comes also very useful when you want to refresh after swimming in the sea.
  • Extra food and/or beer – if you’d rather party during the tor it is not a bad idea to take some extras but please remember “safety first”.
  • a special floating bag for your phone and other personal belongings – it is highly recommended to leave hotel key at the hotel and take as few valuable things as possible. There is no risk of the boat sinking (no worry) but water splashes or rain can make your personal belongings wet.

Please remember that the 50 PHP environmental fee is not included in the price. If you do not have one ask your fixer to get this for you. You may also do it yourself in the Tourist Center (in the basketball court, in Bonifacio St.).

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