It is easy to camp in Port Barton and anywhere in Palawan. Camping is a great way out during the high season when hotels are overcrowded. If you cannot find a place to sleep do not panic! Consider renting a tent and camping for a night or two.

What many do not know is that camping on the beaches is allowed and widely accepted by their inhabitants.

You will have no problems whatsoever on wild beaches. If there is a keeper, be polite and let him know that you want to put up a tent. It would be appreciated if you offer to pay a little for the stay. Keeper, together with the whole family, works really hard to maintain the beach and surrounding areas. Also always clean up after yourself!

You can also camp on the beach in Port Barton but keep in mind that the beach front is used by the various hotels. Go to the reception and ask if they mind you putting up a tent for one night. Assure them that you will take it down early in the morning and that you will not leave any trash behind.

Ask for tents in hotels. If the particular hotel does not rent any they will for sure direct you to the one that does. Renting a tent costs around 300 PHP/ TENT.

It is also possible to camp overnight in an uninhabited island. The island is not really deserted as each Philippine island has its island keeper who usually lives there with a family. This fact does not make the adventure less attractive and can be very useful if any help is needed. You can arrange overnight camping after arrival to Port Barton or do it now with the on-line service provided by Magandang Boat Tours.

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