Port Barton is quiet and relaxed but, by no measure… boring. Local community life’s centers around Catholic holidays and Barangay fiestas. These events are not only attractive for tourists but also are interesting from cultural point of view.

January Barangay Foundation Fiesta – takes place throughout January with the main events on 27th-29th. The Barangay Fair is the main attraction with general merchandise and souvenir stalls, gambling stations and food stalls. There are performances and early morning rum drinking competitions on the last three days. On theses days electricity is on till the dawn.
April Easter in the Philippines is celebrated from Thursday till Sunday. On Friday all shops are closed and there is a crucifixion procession in the evening. Thank God, unlike in Manila or other places, no humans are self-crucified.
May Patron Days. San Isidro Labrador is the saint patron of Port Barton and there is both church celebrations and the Barangay fiesta to warship him.

Barangay fiesta starts in the beginning of the month with the Barangay Fair, which is just a smaller version of the January fair. The main fiesta starts on 12th and ends on 15th of May.

June Malangang (Mud) Festival – takes place in San Vicente and is famous for the mud dancing competition. Port Barton team won this competition in 2015 and 2016. You can watch local teenagers practicing complicated routines in the basketball court every evening throughout June.

The parade and the competition take place on June 21st. A private boat tour fromPort Barton to San Vicente is 3500 peso for 4 people.

December Barangay Basketball Tournament – whole December and January. There are 2-3 matches every evening. The finals take place on the Barangay Foundation Days at the end of January.

Lantern Parade and Competition – December 15th in the evening. Groups of friends and business establishments prepare sophisticated lit constructions that they present in a parade on movable platforms.

Christmas celebrations in the Philippines start in September. No, it’s not a mistake! Stores in Puerto start the season on the first day of September and it is not unusual to be greeted with “Merry Christmas” on this day. Catholic Church celebrations start on Dec. 16th and end on January 1st. Every morning at 4 am there is a special service in the church which, thanks to a very efficient sound system, can be heard in a better part of the village.

December 25th is a holiday.

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