Full body massage could be a nice extra treat after a long and hot day. It costs 500 Peso and is available in most hotels but also in massage huts in the beach. You can also get a new hairdo or try to get some basic treatments at one of the spas.

There is no special Philippine massage technique and massage places offer a mixture of relaxation techniques or rather variations on these techniques: shiatsu, Thai, reflexology, etc. If you are not very particular about the technique you will not regret the money you spend but the massage is not as good as the one you had in Thailand or Vietnam.

It is also possible to have manicure or pedicure but we do not recommend them. First of all these procedures do not meet the minimum hygiene standards as the tools are not disinfected after use. Secondly, pedicure and manicure are reduced to basic cleaning and cutting procedures with no scrubbing. Finally, cleaning and cutting is done in a hurry and even painfully so there is no pleasure in them.

Manicure and pedicure are not even called this way in the Philippines. They are simply called nail cleaning and the service is used equally frequently by women and men. When you realize that majority of people in Port Barton walk in flip-flops or bare feet most of their lives you will understand why the cleaning procedure needs to be fast and efficient not long and nice. Scrubbing your feet also does not make much more sense when you rather want your feet skin to be hard and resistant.

It is rather impossible to pumper oneself as there are no real spas in Port Barton. Places that boast the “spa” word in their names usually offer massage only. Facials or whole body treatments are not readily available.

The Barber shop is located opposite the road entrance to Summer Homes. It is a small facility offering all the typical hair related services. Refreshing your hairdo will cost you 50 Peso and it will be done very professionally.



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