The waterfall is some 30 meters’ high and there is a small pond to swim in. The track through the jungle takes about 60 minutes and it is easy and nice. You can turn the adventure into a whole day event if you take food and drinks with you and picnic at the spot.


There are some signs leading you to the waterfall along the way.

Go along the beach to the far right end (facing the sea) past the Green View Hotel and follow a path that leads out of the beach. After some 100 meters you will reach concrete road that you need to cross and continue on a small path. On the left hand side, you will first pass a graveyard then a big entrance to a private property with a “no trespassing” sign and than a road going down to the Pamuayan Beach (there is a sign). Continue on the main road for another 15-20 minutes until you reach a Tourist Office. After about 200 meters you reach the river. Cross the river and continue on a jungle path. When you reach the river again continue for another 10 minutes on a path that goes alongside the river and up the stream. This part of the path is a bit more difficult as it can be slippery in rain season and there are a few small “hills” you need to “climb”. When you reach a point at which the path goes away from the river and steeps up look at the other side of the river to see the path there. Cross the river in front of a huge bolder sitting right in the middle of the stream  and continue for about 5-7 minutes and you will arrive at the waterfall.

Good to know. Better to donate.

When you reach the Port Barton Tourist Office you will be asked to register with them. You can buy water there and a few other necessities but more importantly you will be asked to contribute to the maintenance of the site. Donation is discretionary. Half of it goes to the land keeper who cleans the site and the other half goes to the fund for renovation of the waterfall’s infrastructure such as signage or the toilets and the shelter that are on the spot.

Tips and Suggestions

  • If you want to picnic at the waterfalls buy all you need in Port Barton. In high season you are likely to be able to get beer and water at the waterfalls but no food.
  • YFor P300 a guide who will help you carry picnic stuff . If you go in a bigger group it would be nice if you paid more than this. Ask your guide if for additional fee he could help you do shopping and cook for you at the waterfall.
  • In the beginning of the path there are usually guys with motorbikes offering a lift to the end of the main road. They will do it for 100 Peso. You need to arrange to be picked up letter if you wish so.
  • You can go in flip-flops but it is more comfortable to wear sneakers.
  • Do not swim nude or suntan topless. It is not acceptable.
  • It is possible to jump from the cliffs but do it only when you see local Filipinos doing this as they know safe spots.

2 thoughts on “Pamuayan Waterfall

  1. Definitely recommended, especially nice in the hot weather as water obviously is more chilly than in the sea. Beautiful spot, and a walk through a jungle makes it even more adventurous.

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