Here you will find out what happens with the money you pay for your trips. We use Regular Tour as an example.

Revenue, cost and profit calculation

If there are four passengers on the boat:




 700 PHP x 4 = 2800 PHP

 1400 PHP

 1400 PHP

Cost structure:



400 PHP

100 PHP per passenger for the fixer

200 PHP


100 PHP

50 PHP for the owner of each visited island

600 PHP 

150 PHP per person for lunch
100 PHP

boat maintenance

Profit split between the boat crew:

Half of the profit will be taken by the boat owner, 700 PHP. The other half will be divided (usually) equally between the boatman and the helper, 350 PHP each, assuming the boat is operated by 2 people. If the group of tourist is bigger often 3 people will go.

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