Regular Tour (A,B,C or D), price: 700 PHP per person, lunch included.//

Private Tour (half day), price: 1500 PHP per boat with 1 or 2 people, no lunch.//

Private Tour (full day), price: 2500 PHP per boat with 1 or 2 people, lunch included.//

These are set prices and changing it is against the regulations!

Island hopping private tour – additional information

You pay for 1 or 2 people and for a boat. How much you will be charged if you are more than 2 people is up to the boatman. If you are a big group you can try to negotiate, ask different boatmen about their preferred price and then decide which boat to take.

Even though, the price for more than 2 people is not set by the municipality the boatmen agreed on prices they would charge. Not all will stick to it but many will as it is a small town and people want to be fair to each other. Thus, if you are given these prices and you can see that the boatman is not willing to negotiate, kindly thank and try elsewhere. In Port Barton being a good neighbor and friend is often more important than money. Respect it 🙂

1. Half day tour

2000 PHP per boat if 3-5 PEOPLE

2500 PHP per boat if 6 PEOPLE, beyond 6 it is easier to negotiate.

2. Full day tour

3500 PHP per boat if 3 people

4500 PHP per boat if 4 people, beyond 4 it is easier to negotiate.

If you calculate the price of the trip per person you will notice that unless you are a bigger group half a day tour is actually more expensive than regular, whole day, island hopping tour. This is for the following reasons:

  1. It is a private tour meaning that you rent the boat and no other people will join you. This also implies that you choose where you want to go. You can decide to stay on one island all day, visit spots from the tours A/B/C/D or reach guinese’s record and try to go to a zillion islands.
  2. It is a half a day tour for you but that does not mean that the boatman will have 2 tours that day. Even if you leave at 9 am and make it back by 12 pm, all tourists are already on trips then and the boatman will not find new customers. 2 trips in a day cannot be arranged beforehand because there might always be a delay and not enough time. You do depend on weather conditions after all and the “filipino time”. Thus, the workers must still earn a whole day salary.


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