Drop off, price: 1500 PHP per boat for 1-4 people//

Round trip, price: 2500 PHP per boat for 1-4 people, no lunch//

These are set prices and changing it is against the regulations!

Below you will find a lot of information on what happens with the money you pay for your trips. We believe that when you understand this you will be happier to pay the full price and you will fully enjoy the trip.

Drop off

Price: 1500 PHP per boat for 1-4 people

Revenue, cost and profit calculation

If there are four passengers on the boat:




1500 PHP

600 PHP

 900 PHP

Cost structure:



200 PHP

200 PHP per 1-4 passangers for the fixer

300 PHP


100 PHP

boat maintenance

Profit split between the boat crew:

  1. If the boatman is not the owner of the boat:

Half of the profit will be taken by the boat owner, 450 PHP. The other half will be divided (usually) equally between the boatman and the helper, 225 PHP each, assuming the boat is operated by 2 people. If the group of tourist is bigger often 3 people will go.

  1. If the boatman is the owner of the boat:

The owner/boatman will pay a salary to the helper of roughly 250 PHP and keep the remaining 650 PHP.

Round trip

Price: 2500 PHP per boat for 1-4 people




Additional information.

For both drop off and round trip.

You pay for 1 to 4 people and for a boat. How much you will be charged if you are more than 4 people is up to the boatman. If you are a big group you can try to negotiate, ask different boatmen about their preferred price and then decide which boat to take.

Even though, the price for more than 2 people is not set by the municipality the boatmen agreed on prices they would charge. Not all will stick to it but many will as it is a small town and people want to be fair to each other. Thus, if you are given these prices and you can see that the boatman is not willing to negotiate, kindly thank and try elsewhere. In Port Barton being a good neighbor and friend is often more important than money. Respect it 🙂

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