It is pointless to generalize about the nature of the Filipinos and their national character. It is, however, easy to list a few things that are looked down or laughed at by Port-bartonians and a few things that are considered to contribute to responsible tourism.

Do not:

  • sunbathe topless
  • swim nude
  • go shirtless into restaurants
  • walk in your bikini in the village
  • wear swimming gear that is more revealing than concealing

Filipinos in Port Barton are rather conservative folks. Women wear long pants not shorts or mini-skirts and swim in T-shirts. Men always wear bermudas for swimming or to work on a boat and they do not have a single pair of tight swimming tongas.

  • walk soaking wet or covered in sand into restaurants or bars
  • walk in your shoes into your room or into restaurant and bars

There is sand everywhere and tons of sand are moved on tourists feet into every place they go to. The “no shoes” rule is not rooted in religion or any particular custom but in a simple need to make life easier and spend less time swiping. For the same reasons it’s also nice if you first use towel and only then go to the bar to order a drink.


  • engage in a conversation and exchange information.
  • ask if you can visit your boatman or a tour guide in their house and meet their family
  • invite your local friends out for lunch or drinks

Port Barton is much more than beach, sun and beautiful scenery. It’s a small community with a lot to offer and equally much to learn. Share your knowledge about the world but also listen to people you encounter. They say that in every travel we learn about ourselves as much as we learn about the people we visit. Do not miss this opportunity and open up on the people who welcome you in their homes.

  • if you are a dentist, doctor or a veterinary doctor use your skill and knowledge when you see it is needed.

We know you are on vacation and you do not want to work but rest. However, one or two hours of your time may make a big difference to the people you devote this time to. Medical care is a huge problem in Port Barton. It’s enough to say that a local health center recommends vitamins to people sick with dengue.

The plight of dogs and cats cannot even be described and your intervention will probably not the solve one of the biggest problems in Port Barton (stray dogs and cats are a real problem) but you can definitely help a dog or a cat.



One thought on “Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Such a good read! I feel like I’m home. For someone like me who has just tried traveling alone for the first time, this has given me a lot of inspiration. Thank you so much!


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