Hotels and guesthouses are modes and targeted at budget and mid-range travellers. Prices of double rooms range from 500 to 1800 Peso.  All day electricity, air-conditioning and hot shower are a luxury. In high season finding a bed maybe difficult but you can rent a tent or go overnight island camping.

The best places to stay can be found in the beach but in high season they are fully booked while in low season only a few of them are open. Beach location is the best not only for the proximity of the ocean and the beautiful views but also for the sea breeze that on hot, humid days can make all the difference. Deep Moon is located right on the beach and sports native huts which are so much better than concrete rooms.

There is a lot of hotels, guesthouses, guest compounds and homestay places around the whole village but only a few of them can be found and booked through the internet. You should not be discouraged if you do not see any available rooms on popular websites. However, finding accommodation in January and February may take some time or be difficult. The best you can do then is to book an overnight island camping and comeback next morning and look for a place. You can also rent a tent and camp in the beach.

There are also many resorts and other accommodation options in the islands and beaches near Port Barton. The resorts located in the islands are more upscale but the accommodation in the nearby beaches will be very much within Port Barton price range. Most of these can be found and booked on-line.

There are a few things to know about accommodation in Port Barton.

  1. Most places quote the price for a double room. Single occupancy is not practiced so you still will have to pay a full price if you travel alone.
  2. It’s difficult to walk in and book a place for the next day. Owners give priority to the guests that already stay in their hotel and let them prolong the stay. Best you can do is to come to Port Barton in the morning and look for a place that was just made vacant.
  3. 80 percent of places do not offer hot water. Taking into account that cold shower is not such a bad thing in a 30-degree heat after a whole day in the beach, it should not be a problem. You can always ask for hot water in a pot and use it for your morning shower.
  4. There has been general shortage of water in Palawan since 2015 and in many places, instead of  the shower, you may have to use water kept in a bucket . There are two reasons for water shortage: in 2015 there was very little rain in rain season and El Nino was to be blamed for this. Additionally each year there are more and more tourists coming to Palawan and water consumption increases. In 2017 we have a lot of heavy downpours and the water supplies are discontinued after such a heavy rain in order to clean the reservoirs this water comes from.
  5. Electricity is available only in the evenings. In high season from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and in low season from 5:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. to midnight only. Just a few places have a power generator and electricity from 7 in the morning till midday.
  6. Roosters and dogs are common nuisance. You will not hear many roosters in the beach but barking stray dogs are commonplace there. Local people get up before 6 a.m. and go to sleep before 10 p.m. If you stay with Philippine family or in less touristy place you should expect loud music and cheers from kids getting ready to school at 6 in the morning. Bring ear silencers if your sleep is light.
  7. Port Barton Tourist Association sets up minimum low-season price for a double room. In 2017 it is 500 Peso. Be aware that if you negotiate lower price this is against the community rules but is is also worth mentioning that many owners are happy to let rooms for much less.

3 thoughts on “Accommodation

  1. We are in need of hotel accommodation for 80pax this coming May 21-22-23,2017 for port barton, sanvicente,Palawan.


  2. We are in need of hotel accommodation for 80pax this coming May 21-22-23,2017 for port barton, sanvicente,Palawan.


    1. Hi, ther is no single resort that can handle 80 people a the same time. Please google and check the following resorts: deep moon, elsa’s beach resort, jbr, ausan, summer homes, rubin. These are the biggest beach front resorts. All of them have websites and can be contacted directly.


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