A van is the only way way to reach Port Barton from Puerto Princesa or El Nido. The shuttles from Puerto operate every 2 hours and the ones from El Nido head for Port Barton at 8 am and 1 pm. Check the schedules here and enjoy the trip.

Safety on the road, like everywhere in Asia, is low. Drivers put a lot of rosaries on their back mirror and make the cross sign 3 times before driving but happily overtake on double solid line at 120 km per hour. Stray dogs and proud turkeys cause a lot of hazard when they decide that the highway is the best place to stroll at the dusk.

All means of transportation are relatively cheap. There are three competing airlines so if you monitor their promotions, you can fly to Puerto Princesa for as little as USD 30-40. Riding on a tricycle in Puerto ranges from as little as 10 Peso (1 person, Cathedral to Junction 1) to 100 Peso (2 people and baggage, Cathedral to San Jose Bus Terminal). However, a tricycle from the airport is minimum 100 Peso, even if it is a very short distance.