In a dry season it is sunny all day with the temperature of 30C which drops to 24C in the early morning. Unlike in many other tropical destination AC is not necessary which makes all the difference. In a wet season the rains come every second or third morning and last maximum for 3 hours.


Palawan is a tropical island with two main seasons: dry and rain. Dry season (winter) starts in the end of October and lasts till April with the nicest weather in December, January and February. Rain season (summer) fills up the rest of the year with most rain in July, August, September.

Dry season

In dry season the sky is clear throughout the day and only occasionally it is covered with clouds. The humidity is low and the perceived temperature in the beach seems to be less than it really is thanks to light wind gusts. Sunny days guarantee good visibility for diving and snorkelling and second degree sunburn if you do not apply sun screen (it can be bought in every shop). Nights are cool and a fan is all you need if you decide to stay indoors. Tropical vacation without noisy and annoying air-conditioning – can there be anything better?

Rain season

In a rain season humidity increases and the perceived temperature seems higher while it is still around 30C. It is very nice in the beach thanks to the wind but jungle treks are for Navy Seals only. The temperature at night is a bit higher than in winter (around 26C) but you still need a sheet not to feel “cold” in the morning. It may rain for a whole day only in September. In the remaining wet months the rain will come once a day every two three days and it will last for 1 to 3 hours. Usually it rains early in the morning and the rest of the day can be beautifully sunny. Rains may be torrential and they change Port Barton streets into rivers. They can also, for a day or two, make it impossible to reach Port Barton by land for 23 km of the road has not be finished yet.

Dry season is when great parts of Europe and the US are covered in snow and this is why many tourists choose tropical destinations. The touristic peak is in December and January but Port Barton is attractive 12 months a year. In a rain season there are far fewer tourists, the prices are lower and the sunsets are more dramatic and really beautiful thanks to cloudy skies.

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